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The RetinaCare Experience - Amsler Grid

Use the following Amsler Grid to check your central vision.  Follow the below instructions:


  • Wear your reading glasses or bifocals

  • Stand about  14 inches away from the screen or from the paper.

  • Cover one eye.

  • Use your open eye to focus on the black circle located in the center of the grid.

  • While focused on the center dot, make note of any lines that appear distorted, wavy, missing, or blurred.

  • Cover your other eye and repeat the test.


If you notice any wavy, distorted, or missing lines, or any areas of blurriness or fog, please contact your eye doctor's office immediately.

NOTE: The Amsler Grid is designed for early detection and does not replace the need for an annual dilated eye exam performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

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